SHAVE CLUB UK Watch as a group of Vigilante Women put an end to the horrendous trend of Beards in the city.. Have you got a beard? What would you do if one of them turned up at yours?

CAST Emily Hartridge Olga Wieckowska Clare Craze Joseph Railton CREW Producers: Sam Fourness, Tom Bell Director Mariusz Majchrowski DOP: Tom Bell Production Manager: Charlotte Lowdell Casting Director: Justyna Kuls Camera Assistant/MOVI op: Lukasz Cholewiak Hair/Make Up: Cassi Brookes Sound Design: Daniel Sonabend Editing: Alessandro DordoniAnamorphic, Mariusz Majchrowski Production Assistant: Katarzyna Marszalek DIT/Styling assistant: Patrycja Grimm

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